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Syracuse NY, Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Albany NY : promotional models

For Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Albany NY areas- We provide major manufacturers, distributors, and cosmetic companies with product promotion services. AMS is a valuable outsource for in-store product representation, event staffing, trade show models, product demonstrations, and product promotions. Our professional models and actors have the enthusiasm and reliability to represent your product in the most professional light. Our promotions talent is selected for their confident and energetic interpersonal abilities. They are punctual, reliable and always present a professional appearance. Our Central New York Location provides coverage of over 50% of New York State within a 2 hour drive. We cover your business, brand, and image for Syracuse product promotions, Albany, and Rochester.

We have represented companies for food, fragrance, and Beverage promotions. A partial listing of recent clients includes: Proctor & Gamble, Suave Products, Thermasilk & Labatts.

For more information or to book promotional talent please contact Tamara at 315 451 8553

AMS Models, Inc. BBB Business Review

Name AgesHairEyesHghtWghtSizeInseamShoe
Tamara PFemale34-45BlackBrown5' 2"1123 R36/29/350.06.0
Suzanne M SFemale23-27Dk BrownHazel5' 10"16010 R36/32/380.09.5
Sri OFemale18-25Dk BrownBrown5' 9"1454 R35/26/380.07.5
Saundra RFemale19-26Dk BrownBrown5' 6"1202 R32/26/319.0
Richelle RFemale18-22BrownBrown5' 5"1103 R0.07.0
Rachel JFemale23-29BrownBrown5' 5"1338 R36/29/360.08.5
Quiana Female32-39BrownBrown5' 8"16510 R35/31/420.010.0
Nicole KFemale18-25BlondeBlue5' 3"1243 R0.07.5
Morgan SMale25-30BlackBrown6' 4"18436 R0.012.0
Mike CMale24-29BrownBrown6' 1"18342 Twaist: 34 shirt: 16.5/034.013.0
Michelle MFemale19-25BrownBrown5' 8"1284 R33/28/380.09.0
Megan MFemale24-30BlondeBlue6' 0"04 R0.010.0
Meagan KFemale19-27BrownBlue5' 2"1022 R0.06.0
Mary DFemale35-45BrownBrown5' 10"1458 R36/29/380.09.5
Laiken WFemale18-25Lt BrownBrown5' 11"1456 R35/28/410.09.0
Kristin BFemale27-35BlondeBrown5' 7"1356 R34/26/380.08.0
Krista BFemale19-25Dk BrownBrown5' 8"1255 R0.08.0
Kimberly RFemale35-45BlondeBlue5' 5"1254 R34/27/340.09.0
Kaylei MFemale21-26BrownBrown5' 10"1404 R0.010.0
Kathryn RFemale21-27Dk BlondeBlue5' 9"04 R0.00.0
Johnna LFemale21-27BrownBlue5' 7"012 R34/29/360.09.0
Jim DMale35-45BrownBrown6' 0"17532 Twaist: 33 shirt: 0.0/00.011.0
Jasmine PFemale26-32BrownHazel5' 6"1204 R33/26/370.07.5
Jarid TMale28-35BrownBrown6' 0"20540 Rwaist: 31 shirt: 16.0/3234.011.0
Fredrica GFemale22-27BrownBrown0' 0"
Desiree DFemale22-28BlackBrown5' 3"1509 R0.08.0
Daniela MFemale29-36BrownBrown5' 7"1306 R34/27/320.08.0